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We consult closely with our government and public sector clients in terms of subject scenarios that they wish to be included in a training session. The following are some recent examples:

Roads Service NI - Roadworks and associated delays to motorists bus lanes, gritting, speed restrictions.

CEA NI - Exam results, examination errors, grades, difficulty levels, employment prospects for students.

Department of Agriculture -  Farm subsidies, precautions against disease, fisheries, pollution, farm health and safety.

Public Health Agency -  Vaccination, smoking, diet and obesity, food preparation, investment in health.



Cabinet Office

HM Treasury

Home Office

HM Passport Office


Northern Ireland

  • All government departments

  • Public Health Agency

  • CCEA

  • Police Ombudsman

  • Electoral Commission

  • Electoral Office

  • Belfast City Council

  • Queen’s University




Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish development International

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